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Home of the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2014 USPSA Area 6 Championships. (Click the Front Sight cover for the article on the 2005 Area 6 Championship)

2005 Area 6 Championship5205 Highway 212
Covington, Georgia 30016

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At South River Gun Club USPSA, we are dedicated to the peaceful, responsible ownership of firearms and the enjoyment of recreational and match shooting for all disciplines. We want to be your shooting home, and are actively seeking new members. Please visit the club, inspect our facilities and join us.

So Bob, you want me to get rid of this picture, or you'll boycott the website? Well.... bye!Club Facilities:
Archery, 12 Action Pistol Bays, 50 yd Bull’s-Eye Pistol Range; 50 yd .22 plinking range; 200/300 yd High Power Rifle; Skeet; Trap; 5-Station Clays; Heated/Air-conditioned Clubhouse with Snack Bar. For general South River Gun Club information, click here.

South River USPSA hosts 6-7 stage matches each month. Two or three times each year, these matches are USPSA multiigun matches. Each of the ‘pistol only’ matches will have one USPSA Classifier course. We will also designate one of our monthly matches a ‘Special Classifier’ match and will have 4-6 USPSA Classifier courses.

USPSA Match Dates, Information, and Set-up Saturday.
Generally, South River Gun Club holds a USPSA match on the First Sunday of each month. There are exceptions where we step aside for a major match being held on the same weekend where we either can’t get the action pistol bays or where the major match (such as the Georgia Trap Shoot) takes over the entire range.

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We set the matches up on the preceding Saturday. The setup crew starts around 9:00am and goes until the stages are set up. We need help and appreciate the volunteers that come out to support us. All members of the setup crew receive a coupon for a $10 discount on match fees and we buy your lunch. We also add your name into the drawing we hold in March for our workers. This drawing usually includes a membership to South River and a pistol certificate from Glock along with other items.

South River Gun Club USPSA matches are conducted under a squadding system, and each squad has a ‘squad leader’ to go through the walk-thru make sure that each squad understands the requirements of each stage the same way. If you are an experienced shooter and can perform this role, you will be making a major contribution to the match. It allows us to conduct the Shooter’s Meeting while the walk-thru is being completed. Please see Cindy Noyes.

Registration opens at 9:00am, Shooter’s Meeting at 10:00am, and the match is underway shortly thereafter. (Summer hours June-September: registration at 8 a.m., shooting at 9 a.m.) Please sign up for a squad, bearing in mind that all of the squads need to have basically the same number of shooters. Once the match is over, each squad tears down the stage that they finish on. This helps all of us get the range cleaned up and get home at a reasonable time.

Our base format is a 6-stage pistol match. It may be as many as 7 or 8 stages. We recommend that you bring at least 200 rounds.

Fees are $20.00 for non-members, $17.00 for South River Gun Club members and $25.00 for families. New shooters shoot free in their first match! You can reduce these fees by coming out to help with setup – see above for details!

Match Results
USPSA match results are uploaded to within a few days of the match and may be more currently available than the list shown here. However, what you’ll find with our match results is the addition of Combined Results alongside the regular By-Division results, as we know people want to see them, and we don’t care what the so-called “World Body” (IPSC) has to say about it.


Safety is the primary consideration over all aspects of any South River Gun Club IPSC match, as it is at any other USPSA/IPSC competition.

Eye and ear protection are a condition of entry, and to being on the range in any capacity.

The firearm must be absolutely empty, hammer down on an empty chamber, and in a bag or box when you get to the range.

The empty gun may be removed from the bag or box and placed in the holster only in those areas designated as “Safe Area”. Look for the signs or ask if you don’t see them. Once outside the Safe Area, the gun may be un-holstered only at a stage under the direct orders of the range officer. A violation is a match disqualification.

You may not handle ammunition inside a Safe Area. A violation is a match disqualification. You may load your magazines and handle ammunition at any place outside a Safe Area.

By the way, we cover the basic safety rules at the New Shooter School. There is nothing more important to us in shooting than safety. That’s why USPSA Practical Shooting has the best safety record of ANY outdoor sport to be found today!

and THIS picture's not going anywhere, either!For New Shooters:
We set the match up on the preceding Saturday. If you can spare an hour or two on Saturday morning, it will be greatly appreciated. We are generally there by 9:00 am. You will be making a contribution to a sport that is run exclusively by volunteers, and will learn the strategy of the stages as you work with our match directors in prop and target placement.

New Shooter Squads: We always have at least one new shooter squad to make sure that the new shooter gets all the help they want in their first match.

Equipment and Information: For the new shooter, bring what you have. The bare minimum would be a holster that covers the trigger of the gun, mag pouches and at least 3 magazines. All equipment is worn on the belt. Worry about buying equipment only after you have seen what everyone else is using. New shooters wanting further information should read the articles in the New Shooter Section on the Georgia Section USPSA web site.

Practice Sessions: If you take part in the Saturday Set Up, you can shoot the rest of the day for free, including setting up your favorite classifier – but not the one to be shot the next day.

USPSA Practical Shooting matches simply do not exist without the efforts of volunteers. They are literally the life-blood of our sport. The best way that you can say thank you and ensure the continued existence of the sport is to contribute within your time and abilities. We have a high priority in not burning out the very people who make the matches possible. Things like work, family obligations, vacations and illness happen to all of us. At a minimum, everyone can participate during the match in target pasting and brass pick-up.

Specific tasks are match set up, range clean-up and maintenance, printing of stage descriptions and score sheets, replenishing of stage boxes, set-out of the “Safe Area” signs, set-out of trophies, registration, Squad-leader, score sheet running, water barrels in hot weather. And don’t go running out of the range as soon as you shoot your last round, please; we still need help tearing it all down afterward. (Your squad will typically tear down the stage on which it finishes.)

We know that people have different personal situations regarding time and talents. We ask that you do give what you can within your time, experience and talent. If you come out to a Saturday setup, we will give you a coupon for a $10 discount on match fees, buy your lunch, and enter you in our yearly drawings held in March for a Glock pistol and a South River Gun Club membership. At a minimum on match day, everyone can be helpful in running the stages with pasting, steel reset and brass pick-up.

Match Scoring: Bill Noyes, the Georgia Section Coordinator, leads a growing team of Section volunteers who score the South River Gun Club USPSA matches, but we can always use a backup. If you can help with the scoring, or know someone who is interested, please contact me. Even if you can’t sit in front of a computer, you can still assist scoring immensely as a shooter by writing your name and USPSA number LEGIBLY on your scoresheets and match signup sheet, totaling the hits at the bottom, and making sure your time is written down correctly.

And while we’re on the subject, let us tell you WHY we want the times totaled on the scoresheet for multi-string stages:

  • The computer prints out verify listings that only show the total time for each competitor’s performance. If the times aren’t totaled on the scoresheet as well, the person(s) doing verify’s has to stop and manually add the times before he/she can verify correctness of the scores.;
  • Much more importantly, sometimes the total time is the only clue we have of what the individual times are. Some people on occasion just can’t write numbers legibly, and without the total time, we have nothing to go on to determine what a scrawled illegible individual time might be. At a major match, that ends up becoming a needless but required reshoot. At a monthly match that might not be scored until after everyone goes home, its a DNF because we can’t accurately determine the time. Either way, the competitor got screwed out of what he thought might have been a good run! So let’s add up the times, folks! We owe it to our shooters! -Bn

Location and Directions (MAP):
South River is located in the southeast quadrant of metro Atlanta, 12 miles south of Conyers on I-20 and approximately 20 miles east of McDonough on I-75. The Club telephone number is 770-786-3752. Take a look at a Georgia map. You might be able to improve on these for your self.

From midtown Atlanta and north: Take I-20 east to the main Conyers, Ga exit for Ga 20 (Exit 82); turn right (south-away from Conyers); stay on Ga 20 for 9 miles till you get to a 4-way stop; go straight thru the 4-way; South River is 3.1 miles on the right. Look for a white fence and South River sign. The entrance is 100 yards further on the right opposite a small green sign for Wehunt Road.

Once You’re Inside the Club: Follow the road past the clubhouse on the right, turn left immediately past the Bulls-Eye Pistol range on the left and follow the dirt road to the action pistol range.

From the North Side of Atlanta: Ga 400 south to I-285; I-285 east to I-20; I-20 east to Exit 82. Then same as above.

From south of Atlanta: Take I-75 north to exit 218 for GA Highway 81/McDonough. Take a right (east) to McDonough. Follow Ga 81 through downtown McDonough. Stay on Ga 81 approx 15 miles till you get to Ga 212 which is at the top of a hill at a blinking light and 4-way stop. Turn left. South River is 3.1 miles on the left opposite a green sign for Wehunt Road.

The Gun Club (facilities and membership):
Membership at South River is a bargain and offers a chance to make an important contribution to our efforts to preserve our rights under the Second Amendment. Many people are involved in the important business of the historical, political and scientific reasons to preserve private gun ownership.

But we are steadily losing places to actually go shooting. If people don’t know the fun involved in the intellectual and physical discipline of the shooting sports, the debate is simply academic to them. And they are far more likely to be swayed by the misinformation that permeates the media.

Please help us keep this fine facility open by supporting it with your membership and volunteer help. The cost is about $25.00 per month per family household, for unlimited use seven days a week. Compare this to $10.00 per half hour at an indoor range.

South River is a bargain at that price. But there is another, and I suggest more important way of looking at it. This is the place where I have chosen to make my charitable contribution to the cause of the Second Amendment and safe responsible gun ownership.

We don’t care about anyone’s biology, politics or religion. We care only that our members are safe with firearms and are good, friendly, responsible people. Our membership reflects these policies.

Please call Bill Clay, the General Manager, at 770-786-3752 for details.

To The Non-Shooter:
If you are a non-shooter who is interested in acquiring skills with a firearm, but have reservations about a gun club, please consider the following. USPSA shooting, because of its rules of safety, has the hands-down BEST SAFETY RECORD of ANY sport you care to name. (Not just best of shooting sports; rather, ANY SPORT!)

If you are considering purchasing a firearm, and want to become proficient with it in a safe, friendly environment, USPSA Practical Shooting is the sport and South River Gun Club is the place!

For Women:
We need more women in this sport. South River IPSC strives to be one of the most women friendly clubs in the area. Our club president is a woman and understands the different challenges for women in the sport. If you or a woman you know would like to try shooting IPSC, please contact Cindy Noyes and come out to our New Shooter orientation. We will make sure you have a great experience and are made to feel welcome.

3-Gun Matches:
We enjoy shooting 3-Gun Tournaments and Multi-Gun Matches. South River Gun Club pioneered bringing them back into Georgia in 1999 after a 9-year hiatus and shoot two or three such matches annually. We also hosted the first two Area 6 3-Gun Championships in 2003 and 2004. Our first 3-Gun match in 2001 brought out 95 competitors (a record in Georgia for a non-state match) and we got them all out the door and everything finished by 4 p.m.! We have the contradictory considerations of wanting to shoot all the disciplines and also having the match end at a reasonable time.

Contacts for South River Gun Club USPSA:

Cindy Noyes

Come on out and join us! Have some fun!


Cindy Noyes, Action Pistol Range Exec,
South River Gun Club, USPSA Practical Shooting Club

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