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Section-wide materials, not club specific

Welcome to the Georgia Section

12-john-mcwilliams-1.JPGThis is the website for USPSA Practical Shooting in Georgia. Here you’ll find information on our clubs, details on the matches we host, and information on how to get started in this great sport.

Just as Georgia offers everything from the seashore to the mountains, Practical Shooting in Georgia runs the gamut from small 3 or 4 stage indoor matches on weekday evenings to full, national match quality, day-long, 8 stage outdoor events. Every month, just about every week of the year, one of Georgia’s USPSA affiliated clubs is hosting a match to challenge the expert shooter and introduce the novice to the most fun sport around: USPSA Practical Shooting.
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Congratulations to Randy Arrowood: New Georgia Section Coordinator

10489985_10203010361394802_4568350778631277726_nPlease join me in congratulating (or symphathizing with?) the next Section Coordinator of the Georgia Section GA-05, Mr. Randy Arrowood.

Randy will be assuming his new position immediately. Randy has had his finger on the pulse of USPSA for quite a while now and will bring you a new level of positive guidance and leadership that will benefit the several clubs of the Georgia Section and their members.

Also at this time, please welcome, as the new President and Contact for SAPSC, Mr. Clint VanHoy. SAPSC has grown and prospered under Randy’s leadership and I’m confident it will continue to do so for Clint.

And lastly, thank you for having me as your Section Coordinator for the last eight years. It has been an honor and a privilege to have served. I have watched with satisfaction as the several clubs have grown and prospered and have no doubt they will continue to do so, and then some, with Randy at the helm.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our sport.


Bill Noyes
Former Section Coordinator
Georgia Section, GA-05

Election for Georgia Section Coordinator

Hi folks.

After 8 years as your Section Coordinator, I have decided to retire from office. Therefore I have called for an election for SC. I did so some weeks back and offered up the name of Randy Arrowood, and we intended to have a vote this past Saturday (Jul 12) at Cherokee. Unfortunately CGC president Peter Oliver did not receive the notification, and he made me aware of the fact that another candidate wanted to throw his hat in the ring: Boris Zaretsky. The only fair thing to do at that point was delay the election and notify you all.

We now have two candidates: Randy Arrowood and Boris Zaretsky. Each has published an article on Please read them below, and contact your club president with your preference.

Randy Arrowood Article
Boris Zaretsky Article

We will have a online vote amongst the club presidents after I have figured out the facility to do so, and the election will be complete before the next Cherokee match on Aug 9th. (Earlier if the club presidents complete their voting ahead of that date.)

Section Coordinator Candidate: Randy Arrowood

Personal Background

My wife, Tami and I live in Peachtree City, GA and have 4 children. You’ve probably seen me with my 14 year-old son, Grant working matches around the area. My 12 year-old daughter, Audrey has been known to hang out at the matches if there is a snack to be had or if Brooke Sevigny is around.  The little girls are 2 and 4 and are itching to get out on the range.  We are members of Griffin Gun Club and the NRA and do what we can to promote the shooting sports.  In my spare time, I have a competition BBQ team and enjoy cooking and hanging out with my family.

Professionally, I am self-employed and am a partner in a boutique agency named Appalope, LLC in Atlanta where we build context-aware applications and provide creative and storytelling services. For over 17 years, I have been involved in technical leadership with startup companies, Fortune 50 brands and everything in between.  I believe that technology enablement will be a big part of the future of USPSA and want to see the GA Section be a leader in this area.

Shooting Background

I have been shooting all my life, but bought my first centerfire handgun in January 2009. I took it to the local weekly fun shoot at the South Atlanta Practical Shooting Club (SAPSC) and was hooked. In March 2011, I started Eyecord, LLC selling HD camera glasses and started Team Eyecord. In 2012, I started Trigvision as a way to promote disciplined training and some great brands that support training. I made Master class in 2011 and then won my first major match at the South Carolina Sectional in 2012. I also upgraded to a Lifetime Membership. Since then, I’ve won the Florida Open, Georgia Sectional, Alabama Sectional and the Louisiana Sectional Championships in Single Stack.

As a way to give back to the sport, I went through NROI Level I RO Certification in 2010 and then completed my Level II CRO Certification in 2012.  I also took over as president of SAPSC in 2012 and have worked hard to build a great team of volunteers who put on an incredible indoor match.  After collaborating with other club presidents, I’ve extended access to our Dropbox of shared Sketchup and PDF stage diagrams and hope to see that repository grow. We hosted a Level I RO Seminar in 2013 and continue to introduce new people to the sport.  It makes me very proud to see these new faces wearing our club shirts, becoming the ones working hard at outdoor matches.

Plans for GA Section

Step 1: Improved Collaboration, Quick Wins

  • Create private Facebook group for club officers to collaborate
  • Visit each club, connect with section and solicit feedback to gain a better understanding of how the section could help
  • Create an online shared repository for stage diagrams based on bay types for all clubs to use
  • Establish an ongoing communications plan to stay in touch with member clubs
  • Define a schedule and process for group purchasing of props and supplies
  • Support the 2014 GA Section Championship

Step 2: General Housekeeping and Bylaw Updates

  • Re-engage Executive Board (club presidents) and combine feedback from members and clubs
  • Establish sub-group to revise GA Section bylaws (not updated since 2000)
  • Appoint roles outlined in revised bylaws, especially a technology support/advocate role
  • Create additional resources based on feedback
  • Revise website to support membership and gain better member feedback

Step 3: Focus on Consistency and Growth

  • Ensure that the rules are understood and followed, especially at Level I matches
  • Coordinate and promote NROI Range Officer Seminars (at least one per year)
  • Promote training opportunities
  • Support establishment of new clubs and new officers
  • Support initiatives to improve USPSA and the GA Section

In the end, I am deeply committed to this sport and community. I believe we have the best section in the organization and would like to only make that position stronger. My approach is to take a servant leadership role and apply my skills learned from managing organizations and businesses to oversee the section.


Randy Arrowood

Section Coordinator Candidate: Boris Zaretsky

With this I am announcing my running for Georgia Section Coordinator.

My opponent is Randy Arrowood. I respect him a lot. I count him as a friend and believe he will make great SC. So, I think, would I. It is up to you (the club presidents) to choose and I would not have any grouch about if Randy wins your respect. So, here I would like to present myself for your consideration.

I was born in former (the word sounds good to me) Soviet Union. Married there to the most beautiful woman with whom I am counting over 44 years. I have two children and four grandchildren. I am an electrical engineer by trade, have a few national and international invention patents and I live in Northern Atlanta suburb. That’s about all.

I joined USPSA in 1995. RO since 1996, CRO since 1999, NRA Instructor since 2001. I’ve been around and seen it all. I’ve been a treasurer of two clubs GPSL and Cherokee. I helped clubs to run efficient matches, came up with innovative ideas that attracted more shooters, and created enough wealth for these clubs to ensure that lack of equipment or materials would never be an issue to run enjoyable match. Just recently I’ve made arrangements to acquire targets and pasters at a significantly reduced price through the joint efforts of clubs in Atlanta area.

My principles: Integrity, Commitment, Respect. People that know me can attest that they never have to question my word, my dedication to a purpose (and USPSA in particular), and respect that comes from me to all. That’s the way I hold myself and expect the same from others.

As a Section Coordinator my primary goals would be to hold Georgia clubs to the same principles. I don’t think it would be any difficult for the most clubs already adhere to them and need no instructions in this regard. But I still would like to point out a few items that I value the most:

  • Commitment to Safety! I always say that our sport holds safety records next only to chess and I would like to keep it that way.
  • Commitment to USPSA rules and regulations. USPSA is fine and mature organization that spent a lot of time to create most sensible rules for all to enjoy competition adventure fair and square. Let us all be true members of USPSA and follow its rules.
  • Attract new shooters. Let us all show new shooters how much we love their coming to us and make sure they return. As a staunch defender of the Second Amendment I always remember that they, especially young ones, will vote one day.

Yours truly,

Boris Zaretsky

VERY Late Notice: Several Classifiers Thrown Out

Hi Folks. I received this from Area 5 Director Kyle Farris last night at 10:51 p.m., an hour and 9 minutes before it took effect. I apologize on their behalf for any inconvenience this is going to cause. -Bill Noyes

Hello USPSA Section Coordinators and Club Presidents,

Per direction from USPSA President, Phil Strader, I am sending this email. Please get this out to all Match Setup staff, directly.

With the division change to Revolver, allowing 8-shot Minor, going into play in February…USPSA needs to pull some of the classifiers (at least for the time being). See the list below. You are getting this ahead of any changes on the USPSA website.

Nobody wants to lose any classifiers…even for a little bit. However, if you take a look at the list, most will show a clear advantage when comparing an 8-shot gun to a 6-shot. Such is the nature of the beast.

Please don’t run the classifiers on the list. All other classifiers on the USPSA Classification page should be current (over 60 classifiers to choose from in upcoming matches).

Here is the list of impacted classifiers. Again, please don’t run these, as they are in the process of being removed from the website:

1302, 1305, 1307, 1309, 9941, 9957, 0303, 0304, 0308, 0309, 0601, 0602, 0604, 0605, 0902, 0904, 0908, 0910, 0913


Kyle F.
USPSA Area 5 Director
Classification Committee Chair

2011 USPSA Election Results

Please join me in congratulating Phil Strader, our new USPSA President-Elect, and Kyle Farris, our new USPSA Area 5 Director-Elect. Also sincere thanks to out-going President Michael Voigt and out-going Area 5 Director Gary Stevens for their many years of service.

Bill Noyes

New SCSA Rulebook (Rev July 19th, 2011)

Just so you all know, The SCSA rulebook was updated July 19th (3 days ago, according to the cover page) and re-published, and NO mention of it was made anywhere that I can find on either nor on I have no idea what the differences are. Find it here. The USPSA BoD hasn’t learned anything from last year’s August rulebook debacle. When you update the rulebook and put it out on the national website to be used by affiliates in the conduct of their matches, you need to TELL SOMEBODY!

New NAAS President – Ron Stegall

Please join me in congratulating Ron Stegall as he takes the reigns as President of the North Atlanta Action Shooters’ club. Mr. Stegall has only been in practical shooting a year and a half and is already a certified Range Officer and shows extraordinary dedication in taking on so much so early. Thanks Ron!

Also let me express my thanks to Jeffrey Abraham for his service as club President of NAAS. His work is much appreciated.

Bill Noyes
Section Coordinator
Georgia Section GA-05