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Welcome to the Georgia Section

12-john-mcwilliams-1.JPGThis is the website for USPSA Practical Shooting in Georgia. Here you’ll find information on our clubs, details on the matches we host, and information on how to get started in this great sport.

Just as Georgia offers everything from the seashore to the mountains, Practical Shooting in Georgia runs the gamut from small 3 or 4 stage indoor matches on weekday evenings to full, national match quality, day-long, 8 stage outdoor events. Every month, just about every week of the year, one of Georgia’s USPSA affiliated clubs is hosting a match to challenge the expert shooter and introduce the novice to the most fun sport around: USPSA Practical Shooting.
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Congratulations to Randy Arrowood: New Georgia Section Coordinator

10489985_10203010361394802_4568350778631277726_nPlease join me in congratulating (or symphathizing with?) the next Section Coordinator of the Georgia Section GA-05, Mr. Randy Arrowood.

Randy will be assuming his new position immediately. Randy has had his finger on the pulse of USPSA for quite a while now and will bring you a new level of positive guidance and leadership that will benefit the several clubs of the Georgia Section and their members.

Also at this time, please welcome, as the new President and Contact for SAPSC, Mr. Clint VanHoy. SAPSC has grown and prospered under Randy’s leadership and I’m confident it will continue to do so for Clint.

And lastly, thank you for having me as your Section Coordinator for the last eight years. It has been an honor and a privilege to have served. I have watched with satisfaction as the several clubs have grown and prospered and have no doubt they will continue to do so, and then some, with Randy at the helm.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our sport.


Bill Noyes
Former Section Coordinator
Georgia Section, GA-05

Election for Georgia Section Coordinator

Hi folks.

After 8 years as your Section Coordinator, I have decided to retire from office. Therefore I have called for an election for SC. I did so some weeks back and offered up the name of Randy Arrowood, and we intended to have a vote this past Saturday (Jul 12) at Cherokee. Unfortunately CGC president Peter Oliver did not receive the notification, and he made me aware of the fact that another candidate wanted to throw his hat in the ring: Boris Zaretsky. The only fair thing to do at that point was delay the election and notify you all.

We now have two candidates: Randy Arrowood and Boris Zaretsky. Each has published an article on Please read them below, and contact your club president with your preference.

Randy Arrowood Article
Boris Zaretsky Article

We will have a online vote amongst the club presidents after I have figured out the facility to do so, and the election will be complete before the next Cherokee match on Aug 9th. (Earlier if the club presidents complete their voting ahead of that date.)

VERY Late Notice: Several Classifiers Thrown Out

Hi Folks. I received this from Area 5 Director Kyle Farris last night at 10:51 p.m., an hour and 9 minutes before it took effect. I apologize on their behalf for any inconvenience this is going to cause. -Bill Noyes

Hello USPSA Section Coordinators and Club Presidents,

Per direction from USPSA President, Phil Strader, I am sending this email. Please get this out to all Match Setup staff, directly.

With the division change to Revolver, allowing 8-shot Minor, going into play in February…USPSA needs to pull some of the classifiers (at least for the time being). See the list below. You are getting this ahead of any changes on the USPSA website.

Nobody wants to lose any classifiers…even for a little bit. However, if you take a look at the list, most will show a clear advantage when comparing an 8-shot gun to a 6-shot. Such is the nature of the beast.

Please don’t run the classifiers on the list. All other classifiers on the USPSA Classification page should be current (over 60 classifiers to choose from in upcoming matches).

Here is the list of impacted classifiers. Again, please don’t run these, as they are in the process of being removed from the website:

1302, 1305, 1307, 1309, 9941, 9957, 0303, 0304, 0308, 0309, 0601, 0602, 0604, 0605, 0902, 0904, 0908, 0910, 0913


Kyle F.
USPSA Area 5 Director
Classification Committee Chair

2011 USPSA Election Results

Please join me in congratulating Phil Strader, our new USPSA President-Elect, and Kyle Farris, our new USPSA Area 5 Director-Elect. Also sincere thanks to out-going President Michael Voigt and out-going Area 5 Director Gary Stevens for their many years of service.

Bill Noyes

No Riverbend Match This Weekend

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Unfortunately I must cancel this Saturday’s USPSA match. Many of our regular set-up crew are busy and work is really busy for me. We are kicking around a November match thinking that all you Turkey day family folks will be ready to get away from the in-laws, neices, nephews, and parents after Thursday and Friday, more on that to come.

Sorry for the late notice and thanks for your support!

Mark Leeber

New SCSA Rulebook (Rev July 19th, 2011)

Just so you all know, The SCSA rulebook was updated July 19th (3 days ago, according to the cover page) and re-published, and NO mention of it was made anywhere that I can find on either nor on I have no idea what the differences are. Find it here. The USPSA BoD hasn’t learned anything from last year’s August rulebook debacle. When you update the rulebook and put it out on the national website to be used by affiliates in the conduct of their matches, you need to TELL SOMEBODY!