Section Coordinator Candidate: Boris Zaretsky

With this I am announcing my running for Georgia Section Coordinator.

My opponent is Randy Arrowood. I respect him a lot. I count him as a friend and believe he will make great SC. So, I think, would I. It is up to you (the club presidents) to choose and I would not have any grouch about if Randy wins your respect. So, here I would like to present myself for your consideration.

I was born in former (the word sounds good to me) Soviet Union. Married there to the most beautiful woman with whom I am counting over 44 years. I have two children and four grandchildren. I am an electrical engineer by trade, have a few national and international invention patents and I live in Northern Atlanta suburb. That’s about all.

I joined USPSA in 1995. RO since 1996, CRO since 1999, NRA Instructor since 2001. I’ve been around and seen it all. I’ve been a treasurer of two clubs GPSL and Cherokee. I helped clubs to run efficient matches, came up with innovative ideas that attracted more shooters, and created enough wealth for these clubs to ensure that lack of equipment or materials would never be an issue to run enjoyable match. Just recently I’ve made arrangements to acquire targets and pasters at a significantly reduced price through the joint efforts of clubs in Atlanta area.

My principles: Integrity, Commitment, Respect. People that know me can attest that they never have to question my word, my dedication to a purpose (and USPSA in particular), and respect that comes from me to all. That’s the way I hold myself and expect the same from others.

As a Section Coordinator my primary goals would be to hold Georgia clubs to the same principles. I don’t think it would be any difficult for the most clubs already adhere to them and need no instructions in this regard. But I still would like to point out a few items that I value the most:

  • Commitment to Safety! I always say that our sport holds safety records next only to chess and I would like to keep it that way.
  • Commitment to USPSA rules and regulations. USPSA is fine and mature organization that spent a lot of time to create most sensible rules for all to enjoy competition adventure fair and square. Let us all be true members of USPSA and follow its rules.
  • Attract new shooters. Let us all show new shooters how much we love their coming to us and make sure they return. As a staunch defender of the Second Amendment I always remember that they, especially young ones, will vote one day.

Yours truly,

Boris Zaretsky