Election for Georgia Section Coordinator

Hi folks.

After 8 years as your Section Coordinator, I have decided to retire from office. Therefore I have called for an election for SC. I did so some weeks back and offered up the name of Randy Arrowood, and we intended to have a vote this past Saturday (Jul 12) at Cherokee. Unfortunately CGC president Peter Oliver did not receive the notification, and he made me aware of the fact that another candidate wanted to throw his hat in the ring: Boris Zaretsky. The only fair thing to do at that point was delay the election and notify you all.

We now have two candidates: Randy Arrowood and Boris Zaretsky. Each has published an article on georgiaipsc.com. Please read them below, and contact your club president with your preference.

Randy Arrowood Article
Boris Zaretsky Article

We will have a online vote amongst the club presidents after I have figured out the facility to do so, and the election will be complete before the next Cherokee match on Aug 9th. (Earlier if the club presidents complete their voting ahead of that date.)