Pinetucky 3-Gun Match Nov 26th

Rather than our normal handgun-only USPSA match in November we will be having a 3-Gun match at Pinetucky the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 26th. Shooters should plan to arrive between 8:00 and 8:30, sign-up will be at 8:30, a safety briefing and COF review at 8:45, and shooting should start at 9:00. It is our plan to be done between 12:00 and 1:00.

While we do not yet have exact round counts, plan on bringing the following:
At least 75 rounds of bird shot, 7.5 or smaller
At least 150 rounds of rifle ammo (no steel or steel core ammo as we will be shooting some steel at 100 yards)
At least 150 rounds of pistol ammo

We will have one LONG COF on the rifle range, a short course also on the rifle range, and 2 medium courses on the pistol range. All courses of fire will have a 180 second time limit. Unless otherwise specified, all brown full-size USPSA targets will be engaged with handgun only, all white ¼ size USPSA targets will be engaged with rifle only, and all orange 4” square steel targets will be engaged with shotgun only.

There will only be 2 divisions: Tactical Optics and Tactical Irons. Unmagnified optics (dot-type) can run in the Tactical Irons division. There are no magazine capacity restrictions

Scoring will be done using IMGA rules. Basically, that means 1 A/B hit or 2 anywhere on the target. Shotgun steel must fall and rifle hits on the 100 yard swingers will be called by one of the ROs.

Because all of the stages are going to be rather involved, we will need everyone’s help resetting the stages. There will be no collecting of brass until after the match is over and all of the props are put away.

While we will not dictate shooting positions, it may be to your advantage to shoot from a prone or kneeling position at times. Dress accordingly.

For anyone that wants to come shoot this but does not have the necessary equipment, several of us will have equipment that we will share. Please email me,, or Dewey Hutson,, to make arrangements.