Georgia State Championship
Match Books

All match books distributed in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Left-click to view normally (opens a new window) or Right-click to download. 

Requires Adobe Acrobat. Click icon to get your free copy.

Georgia Section Course Book 1st Edition (671kb)

Now in .pdf format. (Right-click to download or left-click to view in new window.) Enough of Microsoft Office Binder, which most people either don't have or didn't know to install when they were setting up Microsoft Office. EVERYBODY has (or can get for free) Adobe Acrobat Reader! And the download file is six times smaller than it was before!

Anyway, the GA Section Course Book is a collection of stage designs and scoresheets provided as a public service to match directors everywhere. Got a match coming up this weekend? Can't think of any stages to shoot? Or did someone dump a match into your lap at the last minute and tell you "guess what you get to do this weekend"? Don't worry! Browse our catalog and get your stages here. All we ask is that you give the individual stage authors proper credit. Stage design contributions are also gratefully accepted for addition to the Course Book.

So between the Course Book and the State Match Books provided here, you ought to be able to put together SOMETHING for a match!

Our thanks to Kenneth J. Wagner for designing and releasing for general use his download.gif (151 bytes)MS Word Stage Design Template. (405kb) However, my enhancement of it has more stuff! 

Bill Noyes

Hardware Requirements:

Software Requirements:

Please Contribute to the Georgia Section Course Book

We need your course descriptions. If possible, please develop them with the download.gif (151 bytes)USPSA's MS Word Stage Design Template (the format used here to present the stages) and email them. If its not possible, we don't care. We'll accomodate you. Mail us your paper course designs, give them to us at a match, ANYTHING. We'll render them in the MS Word Template and add them to the next edition. We'll only get from this resource what we all put into it, so please help!

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